Why Choose Direct Cremations in Queens, NY?

New Leaf Cremation is a caring cremation service provider in Queens, NY. We know how hard it is to plan an arrangement in these painful times. For many years, we provided the simplest and straightforward cremation process for the community. It is our responsibility to help you in the most crucial time making your arrangement stress free. Call us today for your cremation needs at (855) 770-3777 or visit us at 3930 Long Beach Rd Ste 1 Island Park, NY 11558.

As the passing of a loved one is fraught with many emotions, making the final arrangements can feel overwhelming. In some circumstances, the sheer volume of decision-making can feel too heavy to bear. Did you know you have another option? New Leaf Cremation can help by supporting you with high-quality direct cremations in Queens, NY.

Direct cremations are a simple way to handle the time-sensitive portion of deathcare by preparing the deceased for their final disposition through flame cremation. The resulting ash-like substance has many possibilities for final placement. A public honoring service (such as a memorial) can also be held at a time when it is most convenient for you and your family to come together. In contrast, funeral services are held with the body of the deceased present. This necessitates a hasty planning and travel schedule shortly after the death occurs.


What to Expect From New Leaf Cremation

Because New Leaf Cremation is not a full-service funeral home, there are some services that we don’t offer. We can help you find a wonderful provider to help you plan honoring services after the direct cremation takes place if needed. What you can expect to be included in your direct cremation service package follows:

  • Proper registration of the death
  • Appropriate legal paperwork and filing for needed permits to perform this service
  • Filing for the official certificate of death
  • Transfer of the deceased into our care
  • A climate-controlled and secure holding space for the remains while all legal requirements are met (up to three days included)
  • A lightweight cremation container to house the remains of the deceased during transfer to the cremation center and during the cremation
  • Arrangement of the cremation procedure with one of our trusted providers
  • Carefully identified cremated remains being placed in the urn that you have chosen
  • Return of your loved one’s final remains in the cremated form
  • Compassionate and detail-oriented service and care
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Why Choose Cremations in Queens, NY?

There are many benefits to consider when it comes to cremation. For one thing, it is a very efficient process. At New Leaf Cremation, we have further simplified this process by making it possible to arrange for service via the internet through our secure website. If that feels uncomfortable, we also gladly take phone calls to set up services. Either way, no lengthy arrangement meetings need to take place.

Typically the cost of cremations in Queens, NY, is much less than casketed burial. For one thing, embalming is not necessary if there is not going to be a funeral visitation meeting. No visitation meeting also means no facility rental. Additionally, caskets can be expensive. If you do not need one, that is an automatic saving. For the budget-conscious who are not set on having a full-service funeral, this can be a very affordable alternative.

The flexibility that cremation offers is also an attractive benefit. Cremated remains have many options for final placement. Ashes can be scattered, buried, kept close in a funeral urn, or creatively placed in unique ways. It is also beneficial for many families to have additional planning time for a memorial service when the time-sensitive portion of final arrangements has been satisfied. Memorials can be held within a short time or even months later if needed.

Those who wish to soften the final environmental footprint also find cremation to be an excellent alternative to casketed burial. Without the use of synthetic or nonbiodegradable materials often present in caskets, there is less impact on the environment. Most cemeteries require grave liners or burial vaults which are also difficult to break down. Some people are considering whether the toxic chemicals needed for embalming should be buried in the earth at all. Cremation answers many of these concerns.


Affordability Meets Quality Service

Even though you get what you pay for many times, New Leaf Cremation is here to counter this argument when it comes to cremation. There are a few reasons that we can offer our direct cremation services at such a deep discount without sacrificing high-quality service.

One reason is that our client base is broader than a local funeral home would have access to. This is because our services are web-based, and we can efficiently serve customers from a broader area than a mortuary might. Another reason is that our specialized service niche allows us to keep our overhead relatively low. We do not have a need for funeral chapels or visitation and reception halls. We respectfully pass these savings on to our clients.


Make Arrangements Now

If you are in need of direct cremations in Queens, NY, it is straightforward to arrange for service. Fill out our online form or call (855) 770-3777. We are proud to be New Leaf Cremation. Our facility can be visited at 3930 Long Beach Rd, Suite 1, Island Park, NY 11558.


Cremations FAQs

Where can I buy an urn?

  • You can buy an urn in almost all funeral homes and cremation service provider. Usually, an urn is included in a cremation plan. The family will choose from the urn options provided by the funeral home.


Should I consider cremation?

  • There are many reasons why to consider cremation service. A cremation is flexible unlike a full funeral service. You can hold the ashes of your loved one for an indefinite time to decide on how you plan for the disposition of the remains.


What is the most affordable way of cremation?

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