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New Leaf Cremation is a straightforward cremation service provider in Nassau County, NY. We know how difficult it is to plan a memorable arrangement for your loved one during these painful times. It is our responsibility to make your life easy from planning until aftercare. Our experts will listen to your desires and make them happen stress free. Call us today for your cremation needs at (855) 770-3777 or visit us at 3930 Long Beach Rd Ste 1 Island Park, NY 11558.

When you are facing the death of a loved one, the emotions understandably run very high. Because of the intensity of this time, making decisions can feel very difficult. It is estimated that more than 70 decisions need to be made in the first 48 hours after a death. One way to ease the immediacy of planning is to look into direct cremations in Nassau County, NY, to handle the remains of the deceased. This allows for honoring memorial services to have a bit more planning time.

Direct cremation means that the cremation is being held without a public goodbye service. In no way is this a shortcut or lesser service option. As every cremation must follow state and federal regulations, the services offered by a reputable firm are consistent and very reliable. New Leaf Cremation specializes in providing direct cremations with streamlined arrangement solutions. This allows our clients to retain our services online or through a simple phone call.


What Is Included in a Direct Cremation Package at New Leaf Cremation?

The only type of service New Leaf Cremation offers is direct cremations. Because of this, it is essential to understand what is being offered and what is not being offered. If you wish to have additional services hosted by a funeral home, we have many wonderful partners we can refer you to. Here is what you can expect to be included in our advertised price for direct cremation services:

  • Registration of this death through appropriate legal channels
  • Paperwork and filing for needed permits to legally perform the cremation
  • Placing the order for certified copies of the death certificate
  • Transportation of the deceased to our facility
  • Climate controlled, secure location for the remains to stay while legal aspects are met (up to three days of holding are included in our fee)
  • An appropriate cremation receptacle to house the remains for the cremation process
  • Transfer of the deceased to the cremation center from our facility
  • Arrangement of the cremation itself through one of our trusted partners
  • The collection of the ash-like particles being preserved in a pre-selected urn
  • Getting the ashes to you via pre-scheduled pickup, delivery, or secure shipping
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Are There Any Benefits to Selecting Cremations in Nassau County, NY?

Cremation with New Leaf offers an efficient process. Since the necessary arrangements are made online or over the phone, there is no need for us to meet together for a lengthy arrangement conference. When traditional funeral services are planned, the body is present for the service, and this means that every detail must be prepared right away. With direct cremation, your time-sensitive portion of death care has now been fulfilled. You are free to take your time planning a service to honor your loved one in ways that are meaningful to you.

On average, cremations in Nassau County, NY, cost much less than casketed burial. This is because there are many services and products that will not be needed. For example, if direct cremation is selected, there will be no need to embalm the deceased’s body. Additionally, there won’t be a need for a casket or a space to hold a viewing or funeral wake.

Many families and loved ones live far away from each other, making it rather difficult to gather quickly when a loved one passes. Knowing this, it can really help to hold a memorial service with a little more planning time to accommodate traveling needs. Also, a little more time to plan can make the event unique and special for your departed loved one.

Many people who wish to protect our environment are dismayed at the lack of options for standard death care. Cremation offers a solution that is dignified and more environmentally friendly than traditional options. Toxic chemicals used to sanitize and preserve the body via embalming can be avoided. Synthetic materials in caskets and concrete grave liners are difficult to erode and return to the earth naturally. If these materials can be reduced or eliminated through cremation and placement, the final footprint becomes smaller.


Affordable and Quality Service

In some circumstances, you get what you pay for. New Leaf Cremation is a bit unique since our online model allows us to serve a broader population base than one local funeral home. We also require much less facility space since we don’t host any celebration of life types of services. This keeps our overhead costs much lower than our competitors, and we pass the savings on to you.


Easily Arrange for Service

Making arrangements for direct cremations in Nassau County, NY, is very simple through our website. You can also call (855) 770-3777 any time of night or day for immediate service. We are pleased to offer our services at New Leaf Cremation. Our facility is conveniently located at 3930 Long Beach Rd, Suite 1, Island Park, NY 11558.


Cremations FAQs

How much does it cost to be cremated in New York City?

  • Direct cremation in New York City typically costs between $700 and $900, depending on the cremation services company you choose. Be warned that certain cremation suppliers provide incomplete direct cremation packages that may not include the crematory charge.


How does a body get cremated?

  • The corpse is prepped and placed in a suitable container. The container containing the body is transferred to the retort or cremation chamber. The leftover metal is removed after the cremation, and the bones are pulverized. The ashes are either moved to a temporary container or placed in an urn given by the family. Click here to learn more about how cremation works.


What cremation option should I choose?

  • Pose inquiries. In no instance should a cremation service provider make you feel uneasy when you inquire about price, how the procedure works, or your legal rights. If a supplier refuses to give the information you want, it may be advisable to find another organization.
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