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New Leaf Cremation is a respectful cremation service provider in Long Beach, NY. We know it’s hard to grief when you’re thinking of the arrangement for your loved one. Our peaceful setting is the perfect place to find closure. It is our job to create a healing experience for your family without the stress of planning a memorable arrangement. Call us today for your cremation needs at (855) 770-3777 or visit us at 3930 Long Beach Rd Ste 1 Island Park, NY 11558.

The loss of a loved one, especially a sudden loss, is without question an extremely difficult reality to face. Making extensive final arrangements for your loved one is sometimes just too much to handle with such short notice. Direct cremations in Long Beach, NY, can really help in a situation like this. Our services can be fully arranged online or over the telephone, further eliminating the need for any stressful meetings during this emotional time.

Streamlined cremation services are processed according to local and federal rules and regulations. It can be a fantastic solution for handling the time-sensitive portion of death care without necessarily thinking about holding a public service. Memorial services can be held at a future date if desired.


What Is Included in a Direct Cremation Package?

Since we are not a full-service funeral home, it is good to understand just what you are receiving when you hire us to care for your loved one’s remains. Here is a brief list of inclusions that New Leaf Cremation Offers:

  • To handle the registration of the death through proper channels
  • Filing of relevant permits and paperwork to legally perform the cremation
  • Ordering of the official death certificate
  • Retrieval of your loved one from the place of death to our facility
  • A secure place to hold the deceased in a dignified, climate-controlled way until all regulations are met for the cremation to proceed
  • A cremation container
  • Transportation of the deceased to the cremation center
  • Arrangement of the actual cremation through a third-party trusted provider
  • To collect the ashes into a previously selected urn
  • Delivery of the ashes or scheduled pick-up arrangements as applicable
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What are the Benefits of Choosing Cremations in Long Beach, NY?

Direct or simple cremation is very efficient. With the option to make arrangements online or over the telephone, there are no lengthy arrangement conferences at the outset of planning. Your family can then take whatever time makes sense to plan honoring memorial services for a date that is most convenient for you. This is different from traditional style funeral services, which are held with the body of the deceased present. Of necessity, those services must be held relatively immediately.

Cremation services tend to cost significantly less money than traditional burials. There are a whole host of services that will not be needed if conventional burial is not chosen. This can include items and procedures such as embalming, facility or venue rental for visitation events, or caskets. Suppose burial of the cremated remains is not chosen. In that case, you will also save on items like grave liners, opening and closing of the grave costs, and perpetual care fees at the cemetery or memorial park.

Again, cremation offers a bit of flexibility with the time frame of the honoring ceremony. It can also open up additional solutions for where those ceremonies might physically take place. When there is a casket present for services, those options are more limited.

Cremation is an environmentally-friendly choice. Without the use of toxic chemicals used for embalming or synthetic caskets for the deceased to be buried in, the footprint of this type of death care is lessened than more traditional selections. Understanding what types of benefits there are when considering direct cremations in Long Beach, NY, can offer you clarity in making this decision.


Affordable Cremation Costs, High-Quality Service

Sometimes, when comparison shopping, it can be very confusing to know what is included in the advertised price. It is essential to understand what is being included (or not included) in that package price. The necessary add-ons for a la carte services can multiply very rapidly, and the “savings” you thought you might have been getting have evaporated and then some. Ask specifically what is included in the packages before hiring a provider.

New Leaf Cremation has a unique service model with online arrangements. In that way, we can provide services to a broader range of customers than the average local funeral home. Add to that, our overhead and facility space needs are relatively low. This is because we only offer direct cremation services as opposed to hosting funerals or other end-of-life celebration services.

We opt to pass these extra cost savings on to our valued clients. It is our sincere hope that this service allows families from every walk of life to lay their loved one to rest well. We want our clients to feel that respectable final arrangements for their loved one can be held regardless of their financial standings.


Arrangements are Just a Click or Call Away

Reduce the amount of decision-making that needs to be made in the aftermath of such a profound loss. Consider how direct cremations in Long Beach, NY, can offer you a solution with flexibility and affordability. Making arrangements with New Leaf Cremation is accessible through our online portal or a quick phone call to (855) 770-3777. Our facility is located at 3930 Long Beach Rd, Suite 1, Island Park, NY 11558.



Cremations FAQs

Where can I scatter cremation ashes?

  • The ashes can be scattered on your own property. However, if you scatter anyplace else without authorization, the government may intervene. To scatter cremains on private property, you must first get permission from the proprietor.


Can you mail cremation ashes?


Can you have a church service for a cremation?

  • You can have a religious or non-religious service, or perhaps none at all. At the crematorium, a service must be performed within the time window allotted. This differs from crematorium to crematorium. If you want, you can schedule a service in advance in a church or other location.
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